On 3rd of June 2020, the leadership of the Association, arising from an emergency SEC meeting, issued a 14-day ultimatum to Government to give satisfactory solutions to our unacceptable poor welfare conditions.

We want to note that the 14 days ultimatum will elapse by 22nd June, 2020 since only working days are observed.

We are also aware of the commencement of the nationwide strike by NARD in which resident doctors in ARD UNIMEDTH have fully complied with. This, as expected, has pushed enormous responsibility on our members in the institution. This can be attested to by the internal memo issued from the office of DCMAC surreptitiously blackmailing our members into SLAVERY, including House Officers. 

We are fully in solidarity with the genuine agitations of NARD and our demands are in sync; all are basically centered on the insensitive disposition of various levels of government to dilapidated structure of our health system.

In the same vein, we also note that very important category of our members are to participate in their PROMOTION exercise this week. This category of doctors, notably, have waited for FOUR years. It’s very necessary that our members participate in this exercise peacefully this week. 

Failure of government to meet our demands will automatically lead to further actions from us.

We want to assure all our members and reiterate once again that your welfare is sacrosanct and non negotiable.

Dr. Olasakinju Tunde
Secretary, NAGGMDP Ondo State