Good Day Sirs & Ma’s!!!

Permit me to reside on existing protocols & by so thank You All for staying solid at the face of this pandemic.

It is sure not news any longer that part of Ondo State Government’s decisions On Covid-19 sequel to the Executive Council Meeting held yesterday, Monday 23rd March 2020 deliberated extensively on the pandemic was for All Civil Servants from Grade Levels 01-12, except those on essential duties as may be determined by their respective Accounting Officers and Chief Executives, are hereby advised to stay at home for now.

These excludes Medical & Health Services!!!
▪The Clinics (Medical & Surgical) should be made to hand out long appointments for non critical cases,
whilst the emergencies taken to the Accident & Emergency Posts / Departments & Labour Rooms be treated with extreme caution.
Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Examinations are advised to be suspended or carried out with extreme caution.

  • Elective Surgeries should be postponed & new admissions stopped!!
    (Our Members should avoid using these opportunities to operate on such cases in any private outfit)!!! These are not the times🙏🏼.
  • The Number & Frequency of relatives / caregivers’ visit to in-patients should be reduced to the least possible,
    with the quick discharge of in-patients as soon as fit to do so.
  • There is no emergency in a pandemic;
    No one should forget to be extremely safe before lurching to attend to any cases at the A&E’s and LR’s.
  • Keep our personal properties (phones, laptops, other devices, wallets, purses & bags) away from formites in the hospital & general spaces.
    Most Importantly Avoid Your Children & Relatives from Coming with You on duties / Visiting You in the hospitals.
    Try organise trusted hands to closely keep watch on them when You aren’t at home.
  • Please be rest assured that we are putting measures for quickened & healthy resolutions on our Minimum Wage and Consequential Adjustments’ deliberations with Government.
    We equally are in talks with the other affiliates of the OndoNMA on how to jointly engage the Government on Skipping for Doctors.
    Also, the Hospitals’ Management Board, the State Ministry of Health, the Primary HealthCare Board & other concerned Agencies have been contacted to furnish hospitals’ with Safety Protocols for Covid-19.

I can confirm that there is no plan by any government or officials of government to jettison the payment of our March 2020 Salaries.

♤ Do accept with utmost sincerity the assurance of my highest regards.

♤ Thank You.

✍🏼 Dr. Oluwafemi Abidemi AINA.
Chairman, National Association of Government General Medical and Dental Practitioners(NAGGMDP) Ondo State
24th March, 2020.